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Welcome to Loft Advisors, a division of First Dakota National Bank. At Loft, our team recognizes that with a greater level of wealth comes an equally greater level of financial complexity. You expect more than typical banking services. We provide elevated financial services for elevated financial needs.

Loft's experienced team will help you create a strategic plan to fit your financial goals, and we're here to help with all of your financials needs. Our suite of services extends from deposit and cash management products to trust and investment management, all under one umbrella. This full-service approach ensures you are well taken care of from beginning to end.

At Loft, you will also have a unique client experience. The Loft experience is much more than private banking. It's a new way to experience financial independence. Your Loft Advisor is more than your banker. Your Loft Advisor is your consultant, your concierge, and your confidant.

Your Loft Advisor is available to help with anything you need or answer any questions you have. We look forward to helping you build the financial future you desire.

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